Practical Courses (Praxisprojekte)

In our practical course “Textanalytics“, students learn to use a professional framework (DKPro) for solving tasks of the language processing domain. This practical class has the focus on transferring conceptual solutions of a problem into runnable program code without reinventing the wheel, but use existing components to solve reoccurring tasks. Students will have to adapt to the use of the framework and learn how ideas have to be expressed in program code. At the beginning of the practical course an in-depth introduction to DKPro (in a tutorial fashion with little exercises) is provided for getting started.


We regularly offer a seminar on “Textanalytics” that complements the equally named practical course (but of  course both can be taken separately too). Where the practical course focuses on implementation and software engineering, the seminar  is the place to gain first experience with the theoretical side of science.

The seminar is organized as a mini-conference, where students pick a research question regarding the analysis of text, formulate and execute a small-scale research program. Finally, students describe the results in a short research papers and present the results in a conference-style setting.

Bachelor / Master Theses

We welcome motivated students for bachelor/master theses. We are committed to high quality research standards and support our students to make a significant contribution to the current state of the art. We do not believe in ever out-dated lists of open topics, but in finding the right topic in a personal discussion. Get in touch.

Student Assistants

We are always looking for motivated students as teaching or research assistants. If you are interested, please get in touch by emailing Torsten Zesch