Language Technology

Start:    12.10.2016
Time:    14:00-16:00
Weekday:    Wednesday
Lecturer:    Zesch
Room:    LB 134
Material:    Go to moodle

In this lecture we provide an overview over the large field of language technology. We start with examples in daily life that should be familiar to the most of you.

We will guide you through the various stages of how language, written or spoken, has to be processed in order to let computers work with language. This starts at trivial sounding tasks such as detection of word or sentence boundaries, recognizing a word’s part of speech (e.g. noun, verb, etc.) or identifying the language of a text.

More advanced topics are spelling and grammar correction, extraction of keywords and word sense disambiguation.

You will learn about the many challenges that lie hidden behind a trivial impression of the respective problems and learn concepts and their shortcomings to tackle those problems.