Practical Course: Text-Analysis Tools

Start:    20.10.2016
End:    TBA
Time:    10:00 - 12:00
Weekday:    Thursday
Lecturer:    Horsmann, Zesch
Room:    LC 036

 For your information:

Moodle Link TBA

Please bring your laptops

We will start at 10:00 s.t.!

In this practical class you will work on a task from the domain of natural language processing (NLP). In the beginning we will provide you with a tutorial of how to use a professional framework for working on problems of the NLP domain (DKPro). You will learn the basics of how to read, process and output data and how to use existing and add own user-created components in your project to fit them to your needs. Students that participate should have a profound knowledge of Java.

The center of this practical class is to learn how to use the framework in order to tackle a real-world NLP problem. This includes for one an analysis of the necessary steps to solve the problem, but also the implementation of your ideas in actual code without reinventing the wheel (using existing components in the framework for frequently reoccurring tasks). Thus, each participating student has to provide at the end of the semester an own solution / code for their respective chosen task. Students are encouraged to exchange information between each other and read through code-examples etc., but bulk copy-paste from websites (other people’s solution) is not accepted. We check for plagiarism!

At the end of the tutorial time you will choose a project. This project is either one of a list of proposed projects we provide or, if you have suited ideas, a self-selected topic. Popular topics are for instance determination of text similarity or sentiment analysis.