Seminar: Text-Analytics

This seminar introduces students to scientific writing of research papers that conforms to the standards of international conference papers.
The students will select a topic of a collection of prepared subject areas that are related to Natural Language Processing (NLP). During the seminar, students will go through the entire publication-creation life-cycle which composes of literature research, formulation of hypothesis, implementation / line of argument to (dis-)prove the hypothesis, writing of the actual paper and eventually presentation of the results.

We will provide guidance for these individual steps and how to structure and present information that it conforms to scientific standards.
The task of the student will be on one hand literature research and analysis to select relevant work and hypothesis generation grounded on this literature. On the other hand, the student will have to organize their texts in a way that people not directly involved in the creation process of the paper can understand and follow the line of thoughts. To get a better feeling for the challenging nature of writing scientific results down in an understandable fashion, students will peer-review their work (students exchange their current working version with their fellow students and mutually criticize their work for clarity, correctness/soundness and meaningful comparison(s)).

At the end of this seminar, the students present their result and hand in their paper that is graded for the same criterions that apply in peer-reviewing.

Each participant has to hand in an own paper, group work among two or more students is not permitted.