We provide here a brief overview of our activities that go beyond the projects listed under research.

  • NLPott: Natural Language Processing meet-up in the Ruhr-area

    We organize a periodical Natural Language Processing meet-up in the Ruhr-area called NLPott. This meet up is a good opportunity for people interested (not just) in NLP to come together for a drink in a cozy atmosphere. If you don't want to miss the next NLPott, we can add you to our mailing list.

  • DKPro Core & DKPro Text Classification

    We are maintainers of the open-source Natural Language Processing frameworks DKPro Core and DKPro Text Classification. Both projects are Apache UIMA based frameworks.
    DKPro Core started in 2007 and is a software middle layer, which wraps a steadily growing number of NLP tools to easily create powerful NLP processing pipelines. DKPro TC started in 2014 and provides a similar software middle layer, which wraps a number of machine learning classifiers to easily switch between them.

  • Shared Tasks

    As practitioners, we regularly participate in shared tasks. We are ranked

    • 1st in the SemEval 2012 semantic text similarity shared task in English
    • 2nd in the EmpiriST 2015 part-of-speech tagging shared task for German
    • 2nd in the PosTWITA 2016 part-of-speech tagging shared task for Italian.

    Furthermore, we are organizers of the following shared tasks

  • Conference workshops & symposia

    We organize conference workshops and symposia to inter-connect researchers and offer platforms for discussions on selected topics. Most recently, we organized:

  • Invited talks & keynote speeches

    We frequently hold talks or keynote speeches:

    • Automated detection of criminal offences in social media postings. An AI-based case study focusing on 'Incitement to Hatred‘ (§ 130 StGB) in German law. At European Police Congress in Berlin
    • Alexa, warum verstehst du mich nicht? at Engineers night, 2019
    • Educational NLP at work: Automatically ____ gap-fill exercise items at National Research Council (NRC) in Canda, Ottawa, 2017